Welcome to our crazy!

A group for crafting, community, and giving back— Crazy Crocheters is a collection of women who are dedicated to making a difference in each other’s lives and the lives of others!
The group meets weekly and partakes in sewing, knitting, quilting, and crocheting!
Crazy Crocheters want those who are frightened or in traumatic situations to have something to hold on to. The group donates handmade toys and blankets, placed in handmade drawstring backpacks, to local law enforcement agencies. The items are gifted to children in crises. Each month, Crazy Crocheters also picks an organization to donate their handmade goods to. The items can be used by the organization or sold to raise money for their cause. We also organize special crochet projects on a monthly basis for local charity partners serving deployed soldiers’ children, wounded soldiers, veterans, seniors in nursing homes, animal shelters, cancer patients and survivors, and other vulnerable people among us.
To be a part of the movement and the Crazy Crocheters, simply join! We’re excited to meet you.  We can be found on Facebook @ Crazy Crocheters of La Vernia, Texas.
Project Schedule:
This is not set in stone and can change at any moment and for any reason.
January - Osborne Stable Equine Rescue
February - Frank M. Tejeda Texas State Veterans Home
March - Wilson County No Kill Animal Shelter
April - Men's Cancer Awareness
May - Warrior Comfort Project
June - Kid's Hats & Scarves Drive
July - Kid's Toy Drive
August - Children's Cancer Awareness
September - Women's Cancer Awareness
October - Kid's Toy Drive
November - Kid's Toy Drive
December - Kid's Toy Drive